Mobile Devices
3D zooming for documents and web pages, even on the smallest displays. Enhanced UIs that actually see the user coming. True 3D gaming control.

Interactive Television, Home Entertainment, and Presentation Systems
Absolute point-and-click control for interactive television and presentation systems.

Training Environments and Educational Installations
Safe and novel simulations that mimic the real-world, right down to the ballistics.
Customized computing systems
"Drill down" for data-intensive analysis.

Finally: a complete, affordable, empowering solution for stylus or finger touch.
Power2B uses a groundbreaking patent-pending technology to provide absolute x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, and angle data from a simple, elegant light source in a fully-embedded architecture offering durability, elegance, and reliability. Power2B's finger-touch solution offers 3D "hover". Finally: a complete, affordable, empowering solution.

Power2B is a truly revolutionary 3D input technology, enabling intuitive and powerful user interactions. While requiring only a minimum of hardware, it may be integrated with any type of display, remaining immune to the effects of ambient light and heat. Power2B technology is an ideal solution, completely invisible to the user except for the compelling functionality it unleashes.

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