Development partnerships
Power2B is currently working with major manufacturers to determine and develop customized and semi-customized integrated sensing solutions. Harnessing the incredible added control offered by three-dimensional sensing allows for exclusive capabilities development, including, but not limited to, point-and-click, smooth zooming, mouseover and enlargement effects, and realistic game programming in 3D space.

To learn more about how Power2B can work with your company to develop products that leapfrog the competition in consumer excitement, programming power, and ease-of-use, please contact:

Sarah Lipman
Director of Research and Development
1-877-392-1414 (USA)
+972-2-571-5182 (International)

Investment opportunities
Power2B is an early-stage, United States-incorporated hi-tech company with research and development operations based in Jerusalem, Israel. Given the enormous market opportunities of this unique 3D-sensing technology, Power2B is open to strategic investment and development partnerships to maximize the potential of the technology. Power2B is committed to the rapid and effective integration of its technology to market, in light of its ability to completely revolutionize the ways in which users interact with their devices.

For more information about Power2B's technology, business and marketing strategies, please contact:

Ken Zwiebel
1-877-392-1414 (USA)
+972-2-571-5182 (International)

Employment Opportunities/Openings
Power2B is always interested in growing its team of creative, motivated, and experienced professionals. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to a dynamic, ambitious, and expanding team development environment, send your CV to

For all other communications:
Power2B, Inc.
Kiryat Hamada 11
Post Office Box 45075
Jerusalem 91451 Israel

1-877-392-1414 (USA)
+972-2-571-5182 (International)