The Power2B solution provides significant technological advantages over other existing technologies:

  • Tiny components (0.5 - 4mm, depending on the application) add minimal bulk to host device design, and may be integrated within current size specifications.
  • "Touch-screen" data (x, y) - without the touch-screen - allows the full brilliance of the display to shine without the dimming effect of an intervening touch-sensitive layer, providing for a more appealing and less power-hungry display experience.
  • True 3D coordinate sensing using proprietary algorithms provides absolute (not only relative) positional data, allowing for direct interaction.
  • Technology may be customized for optimal range and resolution appropriate to the usage patterns of the application, from millimeters to meters (handheld, desktop, presentation, etc.).
  • Sensing array is embedded completely "within the box", allowing freedom of design, protection from the environment, elimination of "dead space" at display margins, and no need for an IR receiving "box".
  • Positioning system may be constructed using a variety of proven, off-the-shelf sensors and components, ensuring reliability and predictability.
  • Hardware integration does not require replacement of existing technologies, or demand substantial changes to manufacturing production lines.
  • Legacy software need not be made obsolete.