Ken Zwiebel, CEO
Ken has served over the past decade as CEO, COO, board member and in VP-level positions in the hi-tech industry, including electronic publishing, multimedia, consumer electronics, and Internet enterprise software. Ken has played a major role in fundraising, initial team-building, business strategy, and establishment of a number of successful companies including Superstudio/Learning Company, Versaware, Wizcom, OptiPublish, UBAccess, and JVP Studio. Ken is a graduate of Hebrew University (MBA).

Sarah Lipman, Co-Founder and Acting CTO
Sarah is the visionary and innovator of the Power2B concept and technology and is responsible for management and guidance of the technology team. In addition, Sarah leads the concept incubation group for technology innovation. Before founding Power2B, Sarah managed a dual career in education and publishing. She draws for inspiration on an eclectic range of interests, including medicine, mathematics, industrial design, anthropology, history, and her children.

Robert Michael Lipman, Co-Founder and COO
Robert provides the leadership for Power2B's business vision, ensuring that the Company achieves its corporate vision and strategic goals through the day-to-day management of the company. Robert's background is as a Certified Financial Planner, and he has held senior investment management positions at Bear Stearns Asset Management, Canter Fitzgerald & Company, LCY, and Kayne Anderson Rudnick. He has been a technology hobbyist from an early age, with a range of surprising (and sometimes humorous) home engineering accomplishments from high school to the present.

Ami Friedman, R&D Manager
Ami has 30 years of experience in developing products for such companies as Motorola and other leading development companies in Israel. He has been involved with many early-stage ideas, especially in telecom. Ami has a BScEE from the Technion in Haifa.