History of company
The company holds a number of patents pending on its innovations (2002) and implementations, and is privately funded and owned. Development and proof-of-concept were initially begun at Jerusalem College of Technology beginning in June of 2003. Power2B, Inc. incorporated in Delaware, USA in July 2004, and began actively reaching out to potential partnerships as of January 2005. Management and R&D functions are presently headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel.

Business goals of the company
The new generation of technological devices will all converge upon a user-centered universe, in which all devices are naturally integrated with personal behaviors and lifestyle choices. Power2B is ideally positioned to enable this radical shift in user experience, by providing intuitive interfaces between human and machine, empowering maximal usability, and allowing devices to know - not just guess - user intention and react appropriately.

Accordingly, Power2B intends to form licensing agreements to aggressively integrate its technology within a broad range of electronic goods, in order to establish a strong position as a leading provider of powerful and flexible solutions.

Intellectual Property
Power2B holds exclusive and comprehensive patents-pending on means and implementations of its innovative data-sensing capabilities. These methods and means radically differ from currently existing sensing technologies, in concept, elegance, and implementation. (see also "Advantages")